art in motion

If I had to pick my number one, 
absolute FAVORITE thing from high school
it would 100% be participating in the dance program.
I have been watching the girls dance on that stage since 2006 
(before my older sister graduated)
I highly recommend taking Foothill's dance class
to ANY girl, EVERY girl.
It is truly just such a cool experience
Plus the dance team, is INCREDIBLE
and who would not want to be able to say they have danced beside them?

Lucky me all my little freshman 

are still at Foothill
and i have an excuse to go!
and there is never a bad time to practice shooting
so here are some of my favorite shots
of some of my favorite people
doing my very favorite thing!
(besides photography, of course)
P.S. these pictures do not do these ladies justice!
but i can only get better...right?

so ladies and gentleman, i give you the 

2015 Foothill Spring Dance Concert

spraaang break!

It may have been a few weeks ago,
but with finals coming up
I decided I would share some fun pictures from
Spring Break
that make me THAT much more
excited for summer!
Even though my summer will be delayed by two
6 week summer courses...

Wait... no complaining here

i luuuv TalTal!