xoxo, college girl

so incredibly proud of my 
Liberal Arts in Self Development and Social Behavior
degree earner...
Cerritos will miss you for sure,
but I will just leave these here!
xoxo, college girl

Fresh Happenings

who needs a DSLR camera when you can use an iPhone? there is a first time for everything.. but making it all the way out to the middle of the dry lake bed ...after buying fresh flowers ...buttoning a thousand hand sown buttons on Hailey's dress and then attempting to turn on your camera to only find you left the battery on the charger 20 miles away. it was bound to happen sooner or later.. it was not the best moment. but all of that energy couldn't go to waste! everything happens for a reason! and I have learned my lesson... ever since this happened, I check my camera bag COUNTLESS times don't be surprised if this dress makes its way back to the blog.. it is way to beautiful to not do it justice. until next time


Happy Blog Birthday, Girl Gone Fashion!

The Earth made its entire trip around the sun!
(plus a little) 

When Ashley first contacted me, I was so incredibly excited!
I really only knew her because she was theeeee best dressed girl in high school.  
& she wanted me to photograph her for her blog?
wow. what an opportunity, right?
Lets be real.
(plus a little)
I thought we would do a couple shoots 
& run out of locations and ideas
or maybe I'd be too weird

but oh man, was I wrong. 
Here we are.. 
365 days later 
(plus a little)
& we are still going strong.

I loved Ashley the day I met her,

but little did I know in those days I have known her
I would be witness to her going through some 
crazy life obstacles.
and she seems to come out a better gal
every single time!

One of those life events may have 

drawn my Shley back to her family in Utah
But no worries, my friends
we still have big ideas comin' for yah!
(does that sound familiar?)
We are the ultimate duo. 
We may be awful with directions
and have an endless love for coffee
and have great attention for the perfect photo spots
AND it has always worked out in our favor.
I am so thankful for the amazing friend i found in Ashley!

This past week Hailey & I found ourselves in SLC, Utah!

Not only did Ashley entertain us
(by inviting us to hangout with some handsome boys)
but she even let us crash in her house
(literally, we were so tired)
The next morning was PRIME time to take Ashley's one year photos
 we had been talking about for MONTHS!
12 months ago
(plus a little)
Ashley started this amazing blog.
&& since we have photographed 45 stunning outfits together.
how can I narrow that down to a few favorites?
oh, well, I am not even going to try.

xoxo samantha erin