iHeart photographs.

let's just say iHeart EVERYTHING about this past weekends experience.
iHeart my friends, iHeart photos, iHeart music & I HEART, iHeart!
this is not a typical post you'd find here on my blog but oh boy must I share.

I started my day off with Lyss, Kris & Matt at the iHeart Village Festival.
It may have been only 95 degree outside, but in that straight Vegas sun it feels like 150. BUT Tove Lo, Ecosmith, Zella Day, Demi Lovato, George Ezra, Tori Kelly, Hozier, Trey Songz, James Bay, Nick Jonas, AND Shawn Medes ft. Hailee Steinfeld were worth every moment.


Call time! Dale got freeeee tickets to the iHeart Music Festival. Now these are fill-a-seat tickets, so technically we are there for the camera, and if someone came to claim their seat, you had to find another empty spot! but we stood at our floor seats for FOUR HOURS and even when we had to move, there was NO BAD VIEW. 

(lets note, the kid staring straight at the camera in our selfie did not know who the weeknd was, not only did i question his existence but i did not understand why or how he was at iHeart. the weeknd could have just stood their for 6 hours and that would have SOLD OUT im sure)

The Weeknd, is. my. everything. Their set's finale nearly left me in tears but I was way to into the music.

Jennifer Lopez's butt is for real. I witnessed it myself. that is all. [SURPRISE NUMBER 1 she brought out Alvaro]

Blake Shelton. Not a fan of country music, but I am a fan of your Redneck song. so thank you!

Tove Lo was just as expected...different but talented

PRINCE ROYCE: I thought of my best friend Daisy the entire time. He even sang a song in Spanish and it just makes him that much more 'heart eyes.' then this night just began to surprise us when he brought out Tyga [SURPRISE NUMBER 2] #DoubleVision

Hoizer. I just bought Work Song. You are an absolutely beautiful performer. Thank you for gracing the iHeart stage with your presence.   

[SURPRISE NUMBER 3] Big Sean busted out, got the ENTIRE crowd vibin' with IDFWU and then immediately exited stage left. clever. you couldn't really top that moment sir, I understand. you really had the crowd going.

Trey Songz was just as sexual as the first round, thank you, iHeart.

Puff Daddy. okay throwback. & he brought out everyone an' their mama. [SURPRISE NUMBER 4-8] no kidding. we got Busta Rhymes, Mase, Machine Gun Kelly, and Lil Kim but that set killed it when Tori Kelly came out! #Surprise it was great cause Dale is OBSESSED with miss Tori. So we can put his vote in now; best set.

Nick Jonas set round two, don't mind if I do. I could watch that boy perform ALL DAY LONG.

lemme tell yah, I have yet to meet someone who can't totally jam out to an amazing Fall Out Boy tune, but having the worlds of rock & rap collide. life changing my friends. No one saw that coming. Trap Queen never sounded so good. THANK YOU IHEART.  

Diplo left that stage lit. absolutely on the real. fireworks. indoors. the music may have stopped but our party kept going because those fireworks kept going off, even Diplo seemed surprised. [SURPRISE NUMBER 10 Diplo brought out Priscilla to colab LIVE]

Ryan Secrest took the stage, Hailee Steinfeld was RIGHT THERE, Lee Brice stood next to use to introduce Blake Shelton, Matt Wolfe was in arms reach. okiee. why do famous people make you feel some type of way? like in all seriousness they are just people. they choose to entertain, I choose to photograph. why are they so googley eye worthy.

let's end with the fact that i had such an amazing time yesterday, i barley stressed about photos. now im not saying i didnt take any (as i obviously did) but i was so lost in the experience and vibes, my phone seemed irrelevant, and it may have died. somewhere between the two. 





I don't know if a simple congratulations will do it.. 

Felicitations! Comhghairdeas, Gratulacje, CESTITKE! Herzlichen Gl├╝ckwunsch. Pongezi!!! Felicidades ...
((FrenchIrish, Polish, Croatian, German, Swahili, & Spanish CAUSE THE WHOLE WORD IS CELEBRATING IN THIS UNION)) 
I was oh so lucky to be in Idaho shortly after Brady & Rileigh's engagement.
first of all, i love ri & brady turned out to be one swell guy!
I love love LOVE how these engagements turned out 
and Idaho was anything but disappointing, SO beautiful!
Wishing both of you a world of happiness & joy on your wedding day!
Cheers to forever!
now please enjoy iphone quality memories -