humboldt, ca.

ugh. i am no good at writing, lets be real, i feel like my thoughts are choppy cause i just get to excited about my next thought - thats why this is a photog blog… but this is just a trip that cant go un-blogged… 

so ryanne sent me a text me & said she wished i could be there for her birthday. 
her parents were leaving wednesday but i couldn't cause i had class
now what, right? wrong. 
daisy took me to the airport before the sun was up on thursday. 
bless that girl s/o to daisy may
Ry's parents picked me up on the last leg of the ride in san francisco
we still had a 6ish hour drive.
so they took me down Lombard St. & the Golden Gate Bridge (bucket list - check, check)
we stopped at a winery on the way up (bucket list - check)
oh & a thousand coffee stops (my kinda people)

we got to Humboldt and sat in ry’s room 
she casually came home from track practice…SURPRISE - SHE CRIED. 

I feel like we got so much done - in so little time, 
we went to a small town bar
i got to sit next to the queen of Humboldt all night (denise, obviously)
a ton of small town eats
she showed me around campus
lots of cows & chickens.
met all her friends (who are all so fun & just, yes)
we drove to Trinidad (we ate fresh salmon & saw whales)
watched ry’s first track meet of the season
we went to a beach
witnessed a beer mile & lots of beer coming back up…
track team threw a partayyyy 
it was SO MUCH FUN

& then it was time for a 16 hour drive home - i napped a lot
mark asked the lady for decaffeinated water
out of all his witty remarks, for some reason that was my favorite

i really really wanna go back asap
..maybe its cause i miss ryanne
…maybe because i love the rain
….maybe because the green trees are just everything
..…maybe because there is this really cute guy idk idk idk

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