meet samantha

hey there! my name is samantha erin, the girl behind the lens. i like cameras & stuff and that about covers it.

well this is supposed to be a great place for me to tell a story & let you know a little more about myself & i have never been too great with words ((as my bff hailey, very much is)) lucky me, i still found my creative outlet. photography. (the whole point of taking pictures is so that you don’t have to explain things with words) i am also very fond of leopard things, all things striped & the color pink, if i could live in disneyland, i would, coffee is an every morning must & smiling always. point & shoot cameras used to be my thing but the christmas of 2012, my parents blessed me with my first dslr camera. love love love.

i love to take pictures of people.

photography is my passion, my hobby, my most favorite thing to do & i spend every spare second with my camera in one hand, coffee in the other. now tell me how lucky is that? i am currently a full time student in my sorta almost last year at nevada state college, business major. i work as a student assistant for the city of henderson, nanny my darling nephew three days a week, and spend every spare second i have with my camera in hand. party of five + jeremy & jasper & jetson + harvey & remington = my family. i have some pretty amazing models, i mean friends & they know me too well, if there is not a picture, it didn't happen. plus not to mention some amazing clients!

so welcome, to my oh so fabulous blog. whenever your life needs photographing, i’m your girl. 

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